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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) - What are those?

Tree preservation orders are applied by local authorities to protect certain trees within the area.

If a local authority decides to protect a tree they can send a TPO to the landowner to notify them of their intentions to do so.

The Important aspects with Tree Preservation Orders:

- If a tree has a TPO attached to it. Then written consent is required by the local authority before any work can be carried out.

- If the planning application is refused the landowner can appeal to the Secretary of State within 28 days of receiving the decision notice.

- Wilfully damaging, cutting, topping, uprooting, lopping or destroying a protected tree is a criminal offence and carries penalties of an unlimited fine. With other offences costing up to £2,500.

How does the planning process work with TPOs?

The planning process is completely different to the standard planning process.

The first benefit is that a planning application to carry out works to a tree with TPOs are free of charge (at the time of publishing subject to change)

It is important to note that the procedures involved are very similar in terms of:

- Formal documentation required which includes forms and drawings to identify works carried out to which trees.

- Standard 8 weeks consultation period and decision notice.

- The application will be advertised and in the public domain the same as any standard planning application.

What happens next?

Once an application has been submitted the council have 8 weeks to reach a decision for the outcome of the planning application.

During this period an Arboricultural officer from the local authority will visit the site to assess the tree or trees involved in the application.

The council will then inform you of the outcome of the application.

Where can I find further information relating to Tree Preservation Orders?

Further information is available on

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Tree Preservation Orders

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