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Top 5 tips for transforming your garden | Landscape Design

As the weather starts to improve and we look forward to the brighter days ahead.

Our outdoor spaces not only enhance our wellbeing and connect us with nature but also form extensions to our homes and businesses. whether that be a small courtyard garden for a terraced property to an extension to a thriving cafe!

As we enter Spring we would like to share our top 5 tips to help create your own retreat!

What is the main purpose or goal of the space?

This is the ultimate question when starting your landscaping project!

What are you looking to achieve?

we have listed a few ideas to get you started!

- An outdoor entertaining space. The perfect place to host BBQs to entertain friends and family.

- A place to retreat and unwind after a hectic day at work?

- A low maintenance garden - perfect for those who are looking to enjoy their space without the hassle or for those who aren’t as green fingered! . (A low maintenance garden doesn’t have to be boring! struggling for ideas? we have loads!)

- A place for the kids to let off steam!

- A place to grow your own country kitchen!

How do I make my garden look BIGGER!?

There are lots of ways to make a small garden appear bigger!

This can be achieved by lighter colour pallets, to carefully selected paving.

Our biggest tip when it comes to paving is to lay it diagonally as opposed to square because this tricks the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is! Lighter colours add to it but also help to create a modern twist!

Filling up on Furniture?

When it comes to furniture lots of it can make spaces seem small and be quite difficult to navigate around.

Instead of chunky chairs opt for bistro furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and takes up less space!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Garden Mirrors have a number of benefits including making the spaces appear to be bigger than they are.

Let there be light...

As well as helping to reflect Natural light into a garden space!

A touch of texture..

Hardy framed mirrors and complimentary colours help to create the perfect illusion!

From Windows to hidden gates this simple trick is hugely effective!

Positioning Perfection...

The positioning of the mirror is integral to achieving a great result! Careful to not reflect walls with drain pipes or air vents!

Try not to position mirrors to high up where it could impact the flight of birds.

For our international clients please don't use mirrors in hot countries as these could pose a fire risk.

Make a Splash!

Water features can transform a space by providing both sound, interest and motion into a garden.

A water feature doesn’t have to be a giant waterfall or the size of Trafalgar Square to create an impact.

A water feature will bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the garden and provides a further space to unwind!

The Perfect Patio...

choosing the perfect place to site a patio sounds easier than you think!

This important decision sets the scene for your garden dependent on your objectives.

Entertaining or Master Chef?

Are you looking at entertaining or creating an outdoor seating space? The ideal location for you would be near to the kitchen.

Fancy relaxing with a book?

A secluded spot would be ideal for you to reduce any distractions. This can be achieved by sighting the patio close to boundaries and providing trees and hedges to create a natural screen.

Important Information:

Before carrying out landscaping proposals it’s important to identify if you have any restrictions imposed on your site. e.g Listed building or Conservatiom area.

Any works to trees may require consent from the Local Authority and always double check that none of your trees have TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) imposed on them.

How can we help?

At ICI Architecture Studio we welcome projects of all sizes from small terraced gardens, country retreats to exclusive villas abroad. We have delivered our landscaping services across the UK & Internationally.

All of our services come with a free initial consultation with no obligation to use our services!

01260 602 005

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